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The College of Magic

The college rests on the southeastern banks of Rosamere Lake. Nestled between the lake and Billy Hills to create a buffer from civilization, affording the students an uninterrupted academic environment. The entire campus is protected by a large circular wall with two gates: one toward the lake, and the other toward the hills. Small residential buildings surround a massive tower in the middle of the campus. The tower is home to the academic halls, administrative offices, etc. Rumor has it that there is much more to the tower than the faculty lets on. The school is run by Dean Sammos Altovair

The Village of Trundle

Trundle is a small farming and fishing village near the point where the Glade River spills into Rosamere Lake. It used to be a popular rest stop for merchants travelling between Tarapin and New Everport, although the recent trouble popping up throughout Dannemora has reduced the number of such travelers. The village is protected by a tired unit of the Knights of Dannemora. The Bell in Hand, the only tavern there, seems to be the only form of entertainment.

Satyr Village

The semi-permanent encampment of Satyr natives can be found in the western plains between Wraithmarsh, and the Emerald Vale. The village is mostly comprised of tents from animal hides, with a few small structures here and there. Chief Alou’Na and his elders make up the political body, which lead the hunting & gathering tribe.

The Town of Tamworth

Stryx’s brief encounter in Tamworth did not afford her to take in much about the town. It is larger than Trundle, and protected by a larger outpost of the Knights of Dannemora

The City of Tarapin

A coastal city on the northern edge of the continent. There are a handful of shops, as Tarapin is one of the major stops on the merchant circuit. It relies mostly on fishing from the northern sea, lumber from the nearby tip of Bleakwood Forest, and merchant trade from Ala’niel and New Everport. The Halflings spend their free time in the Golden Barrel Mead Hall, even though the owners have let it run down a bit. The city is outside the reach of the Knights of Dannemora, so a force known as the Night Watch tries to keep the peace.

People We Have Met

Samus Altovair: Headmaster at the College of Magic.
Bo Ridley: Owner of The Bell in Hand in Trundle.
Veylen Fletcher: Long-time friend of Altovair, new-found friend of the party.
Nabu: Friendly Satyr shaman.
Chief Alou’Na: Leader of the native Satyr people.
Alouicious Ferelden: Mayor of Tarapin
Falco: Member of the Night Watch asked to accompany the party to the Nightmare Realm.
Rondeau the Hermit: Warden of the Nightmare Realm.

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