Reclaiming Dannemora

Calling Veylen Fletcher

Stryx enters the tavern just as a fight is about to break out. Bo the barkeep is worried that the two groups will destroy is livelihood. Styx offers to diffuse the situation, and does so by talking some sense into the drunken strangers. Bo offers the blue-haired elf free food and a room in gratitude. During the meal, Stryx asks about Fletcher. Bo explains that Fletcher has been in the tavern quite a bit lately. Feverishly flipping through notes and maps and mumbling to himself, Fletcher hasn’t quite been himself. Bo mentions that he hasn’t seen Fletcher in the last day or so.

After leaving her belongings in the room, Stryx goes to Fletcher’s house. As she approaches, she realizes that no one is there, and the door is left open. She peeks in quickly to see that there has been some trouble here, and perhaps Veylon Fletcher is missing.

Stryx returns to the inn, and runs into Dib the stable boy who she asks to return to Fletcher’s house with a note telling Fletcher to come to the inn. Stryx retires to her room for the night.

A Mage's Call For Help

Dean Sammos Altovair has requested that Strix report to his office. When she arrives, he congratulates her on all her hard work throughout the years, and asks her to help a long time friend of his, Veylen Fletcher, who is in distress. After receiving some items that will aid her, Strix immediately heads out for the village of Trundle to find and assist Veylen.

Night has set in while she is on the trail, and Strix is met by three ruffians who attempt to rob her. She quickly obscures herself and climbs up a tree to avoid trouble, but the strangers locate her and pick a fight they were not ready for. After killing one of the attackers, the other two run away, leaving their friend’s body to rot at the base of the tree.

Strix finally arrives in Trundle in the middle of the night. The guard on watch, who is wearing the symbol of the Knights of Dannemora is cautious of the lone traveler. Strix, having never met a member of the Order tried to bribe the guard which was not appreciative of the offer. He warned her not to cause trouble, and that the Knights will be watching her.

The only place open this time of night in Trundle is the Inn: The Bell in Hand.

The Final Exam

Strix Struma has just completed her studies at the College of Magic. She successfully displayed her command of the arcane arts before her peers by defeating a spectral goblin in the duelist pitch on campus. She returned to her quarters to rest.


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