Reclaiming Dannemora

Three to Make Ready, and Four to Go

After traveling for sometime, the party gets the feeling that are being followed. Strx quickly scans the rolling plains behind them and catches a glimpse of a tall figure, and a short figure heading directly towards them from the north east. As they newcomers approach, Stryx recognizes them as one of the guards, and the quiet shadowy figure from the Haney’s caravan.

Sonny the Halfling, and Maur the Human explain that they had just about enough of Haney retelling the same stories about his grand adventures of traveling. During the previous evening, they felt that Stryx was experiencing true adventure, and that perhaps there was more to her quest than she was letting on. So they decided to abandon Haney hoping that joining Stryx would be a better path to fame and fortune. Stryx agreed, and they continued westward toward the Satyr village.

The party ran into a small pack of dire wolves, tearing apart the carcass of some unfortunate animal, and the group decided to dispatch these mutated forms of otherwise majestic animals. After a quick skirmish with the beasts, they continued on their way.


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