Reclaiming Dannemora

The Edge of Bleakwood

Unable to communicate, Stryx and her new company efficiently handle the perils that laid waiting for them. At the end of the north cave, neither adventurer found what they sought, but they did find a pair of special gloves that allowed them to talk to each other. Stryx and Nabu introduced themselves, yet chose not to reveal the true nature of their individual quests. However they did agree to investigate the cave entrance on the east side of the grove.

This cave proved to be much more grueling, but so much more fruitful for their quests; or at least for the young satyr’s quest. The large ogre at the deepest, darkest point in the cave was guarding a large shard of yellow gemstone.

The pair bested the simple ogre, and Nabu quickly gained control of the shard. On the way out of the cave, he shared with Stryx that he was sent here to check on the safety of them gem. He was to return with the gem if he found that it was not still completely safe from harm.

Once back out in the sunlight, Nabu realized how instrumental Stryx was in recovering the precious yellow stone. He insisted that Stryx return with him to his village to meet Alou Na, the Satyr elder. Stryx also realized how she would probably be lying dead in the cave had Nabu not been there to keep here alive with his shamanic healing powers. She agreed to travel with him to the plains.


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