Reclaiming Dannemora

Missing Elderly Person

Morning comes without any response from Fletcher. Dib comes into the tavern to tell her that he had something for Stryx. Last night he decided to venture into Fletcher’s house, and grab some notes and maps. Styx kept the notes to herself, but decided she should tell the town guard what happened. She quickly packs her things and leaves the inn.

Stryx goes to the office where the Knights are posted. She explains everything to the captain, and he allows her to go into Fletcher’s house to investigate as long as she is accompanied by one of his men. Stryx and the guard are questioning each other about Fletcher, and the guard starts to become suspicious of her. But he does tell her that Fletcher is often seen rushing out of town through the south gate. As they investigate the house, they realize that Fletcher has been gone longer than a day. As they leave the house, Stryx decides to head south towards Tamworth.

Stryx arrives in the town of Tamworth, and quickly notices that something is not quite right with the town. She approaches a fruit cart vendor who insists on paying her for eating some of his fruit. Stryx tries to get information from him, but he is confused why she is refusing to complete this ‘transaction’. Stryx then approaches a girl selling wild flowers, and it seems that the girl wants to pay Stryx for taking some of her flowers. After a very focused assessment of magical involvement, she follows signs that lead toward an old dilapidated house. She notices tracks coming into and out of the old building. Stryx enters the house, and follows the tracks to a door that has runes on it that read ‘… of Death’. She is struck with necrotic magic when she tries to open the door. She casts Ray of Enfeeblement on it, and the door opens to a staircase below.

Stryx has discovered a small hideout of a cult organization. She alerts two hooded figures patrolling the hallway, and a battle ensues. As the cultists’ corpses are smoldering in the hallway, Stryx heads further down the hall as a third member finds his friends ashes. Stryx immediately creates a ghost sound of an angry mob coming down the stairs, and the hooded man quickly disappears into one of the rooms.

Stryx finds a set of double doors, and bright blue light pouring out from underneath. She breaks in to find a lesser lich overseeing two cultists performing a torture ritual on an old man. Stryx’s utilitarian instincts kick in as she is about to clear the room with thunder magic. But the old man notices her, and the spark of hope in his eyes make Stryx second guess her actions. As the skirmish begins, the ritual is disrupted, allowing the old man to help Stryx defeat his captors. When the lich is reduced to a pile of dust, and the acolytes lie dead, the old man graciously thanks the elf mage for arriving when she did. He introduces himself as Veylon Fletcher. After clearing out the rest of the hideout, they discover some scrolls, and a book on evil deities. When they get back to the town square, everyone seems to be acting normally. Fletcher and Stryx decide to head back to Trundle.


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