Reclaiming Dannemora

Meeting at the Crossroads

Stryx and Nabu finally emerge from the forest, and continue west across the central plains of Dannemora. As the sun before them retires for the evening, the pair approach a caravan just off the crossroads, preparing to make camp for the evening. After a tense introductions, Stryx and Nabu were invited to join the caravan for the evening.

It turns out that the caravan was led by none other than the famous merchant Gyles Haney. Mr Haney was an elite member of the Martling Merchant House; the continent’s most widely known merchant’s guild. He was on the final leg of his journey from New Everport headings toward Tarapin. All together the caravan consisted of Haney, and a couple of his traveling salesman acquantances, three hired guards to ensure the caravan’s safety, and a silent, hooded being who needed to travel to Tarapin, but had no interest in doing so alone.

After sharing a humble meal of small game and boiled wild roots, and sharing a few ‘war stories’ around the campfire, Stryx purchased some useful gear and a mysterious magical staff. Luckily, everyone was able to sleep throughout the night uneventfully.

Early the next morning, Stryx awoke to the members of the caravan picking up camp and preparing the horses for the rest of the journey. Because they were traveling light, it took no time at all for Stryx and Nabu to prepare for their journey.

They bid the caravan adieu, and continued westward.


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