Reclaiming Dannemora

Homeward Bound

Night sets in as Stryx and Fletcher head north towards Fletcher’s home in Trundle. They decide to set up camp on the back side of a hill a ways of the road to the east. As they wake, a deep fog has settled in the gentle valley between the hills and Bleakwood Forest. As they prepare to leave, they are met by a massive black dragon who questions Stryx’s role in Dannemora’s recent troubles. The giant dragon promised that they will meet again soon.

Once back in Trundle, Fletcher takes a tiny red gem out of his pocket and asks Stryx to store it in his planar vault. After opening a small armoir and tracing a moon and stars pattern on the back, a portal opens up to a plane of existence which Fletcher created solely to protect his personal items. Stryx stepped through the portal and onto the small floating island all alone in the bright sky of pink and purple. The only object on this little land mass was a small wooden box containing a shard of blue gem.

As Stryx steps back out of the armoir, Fletcher is almost done preparing a humble lunch of fruit and biscuits. He explains the Stryx all about the people’s exodus from Calderon during Gruumsh’s invasion, the gems that each faction’s deity bestowed upon them for their journey, and the great chaos that is beginning as many entities are doing whatever they can to obtain the Gems of Calderon.

Luckily for Dannemora and her people, at least two of the major factions have decided to split their gem into many pieces making it difficult to obtain by forces unknown. Unfortunately some of the shards have already been stolen, and must be recovered. The only leads that Fletcher has so far is heading to New Everport to seek audience with the Queen, or to investigate a small network of tunnels on the edge of Bleakwood Forest near the river. Stryx elected to check out the tunnels while Fletcher goes to Tarapin to see how the gnomes are faring these days. They agree to depart and meet back at Fletcher’s house to regroup.

As Stryx approaches one of the caves entrances, she encounters a Satyr shaman who is laying on the ground bleeding. Stryx opts to assist it with a healing kit, and almost immediately the shaman gets up and begins picking herbs, placing them in his satchel. Communication is difficult, but the shaman is able to convey caution as he points towards the cave entrances. The shaman follows Stryx as she approaches the musty opening into the underground.


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