Reclaiming Dannemora

Three to Make Ready, and Four to Go

After traveling for sometime, the party gets the feeling that are being followed. Strx quickly scans the rolling plains behind them and catches a glimpse of a tall figure, and a short figure heading directly towards them from the north east. As they newcomers approach, Stryx recognizes them as one of the guards, and the quiet shadowy figure from the Haney’s caravan.

Sonny the Halfling, and Maur the Human explain that they had just about enough of Haney retelling the same stories about his grand adventures of traveling. During the previous evening, they felt that Stryx was experiencing true adventure, and that perhaps there was more to her quest than she was letting on. So they decided to abandon Haney hoping that joining Stryx would be a better path to fame and fortune. Stryx agreed, and they continued westward toward the Satyr village.

The party ran into a small pack of dire wolves, tearing apart the carcass of some unfortunate animal, and the group decided to dispatch these mutated forms of otherwise majestic animals. After a quick skirmish with the beasts, they continued on their way.

Meeting at the Crossroads

Stryx and Nabu finally emerge from the forest, and continue west across the central plains of Dannemora. As the sun before them retires for the evening, the pair approach a caravan just off the crossroads, preparing to make camp for the evening. After a tense introductions, Stryx and Nabu were invited to join the caravan for the evening.

It turns out that the caravan was led by none other than the famous merchant Gyles Haney. Mr Haney was an elite member of the Martling Merchant House; the continent’s most widely known merchant’s guild. He was on the final leg of his journey from New Everport headings toward Tarapin. All together the caravan consisted of Haney, and a couple of his traveling salesman acquantances, three hired guards to ensure the caravan’s safety, and a silent, hooded being who needed to travel to Tarapin, but had no interest in doing so alone.

After sharing a humble meal of small game and boiled wild roots, and sharing a few ‘war stories’ around the campfire, Stryx purchased some useful gear and a mysterious magical staff. Luckily, everyone was able to sleep throughout the night uneventfully.

Early the next morning, Stryx awoke to the members of the caravan picking up camp and preparing the horses for the rest of the journey. Because they were traveling light, it took no time at all for Stryx and Nabu to prepare for their journey.

They bid the caravan adieu, and continued westward.

The Edge of Bleakwood

Unable to communicate, Stryx and her new company efficiently handle the perils that laid waiting for them. At the end of the north cave, neither adventurer found what they sought, but they did find a pair of special gloves that allowed them to talk to each other. Stryx and Nabu introduced themselves, yet chose not to reveal the true nature of their individual quests. However they did agree to investigate the cave entrance on the east side of the grove.

This cave proved to be much more grueling, but so much more fruitful for their quests; or at least for the young satyr’s quest. The large ogre at the deepest, darkest point in the cave was guarding a large shard of yellow gemstone.

The pair bested the simple ogre, and Nabu quickly gained control of the shard. On the way out of the cave, he shared with Stryx that he was sent here to check on the safety of them gem. He was to return with the gem if he found that it was not still completely safe from harm.

Once back out in the sunlight, Nabu realized how instrumental Stryx was in recovering the precious yellow stone. He insisted that Stryx return with him to his village to meet Alou Na, the Satyr elder. Stryx also realized how she would probably be lying dead in the cave had Nabu not been there to keep here alive with his shamanic healing powers. She agreed to travel with him to the plains.

Homeward Bound

Night sets in as Stryx and Fletcher head north towards Fletcher’s home in Trundle. They decide to set up camp on the back side of a hill a ways of the road to the east. As they wake, a deep fog has settled in the gentle valley between the hills and Bleakwood Forest. As they prepare to leave, they are met by a massive black dragon who questions Stryx’s role in Dannemora’s recent troubles. The giant dragon promised that they will meet again soon.

Once back in Trundle, Fletcher takes a tiny red gem out of his pocket and asks Stryx to store it in his planar vault. After opening a small armoir and tracing a moon and stars pattern on the back, a portal opens up to a plane of existence which Fletcher created solely to protect his personal items. Stryx stepped through the portal and onto the small floating island all alone in the bright sky of pink and purple. The only object on this little land mass was a small wooden box containing a shard of blue gem.

As Stryx steps back out of the armoir, Fletcher is almost done preparing a humble lunch of fruit and biscuits. He explains the Stryx all about the people’s exodus from Calderon during Gruumsh’s invasion, the gems that each faction’s deity bestowed upon them for their journey, and the great chaos that is beginning as many entities are doing whatever they can to obtain the Gems of Calderon.

Luckily for Dannemora and her people, at least two of the major factions have decided to split their gem into many pieces making it difficult to obtain by forces unknown. Unfortunately some of the shards have already been stolen, and must be recovered. The only leads that Fletcher has so far is heading to New Everport to seek audience with the Queen, or to investigate a small network of tunnels on the edge of Bleakwood Forest near the river. Stryx elected to check out the tunnels while Fletcher goes to Tarapin to see how the gnomes are faring these days. They agree to depart and meet back at Fletcher’s house to regroup.

As Stryx approaches one of the caves entrances, she encounters a Satyr shaman who is laying on the ground bleeding. Stryx opts to assist it with a healing kit, and almost immediately the shaman gets up and begins picking herbs, placing them in his satchel. Communication is difficult, but the shaman is able to convey caution as he points towards the cave entrances. The shaman follows Stryx as she approaches the musty opening into the underground.

Missing Elderly Person

Morning comes without any response from Fletcher. Dib comes into the tavern to tell her that he had something for Stryx. Last night he decided to venture into Fletcher’s house, and grab some notes and maps. Styx kept the notes to herself, but decided she should tell the town guard what happened. She quickly packs her things and leaves the inn.

Stryx goes to the office where the Knights are posted. She explains everything to the captain, and he allows her to go into Fletcher’s house to investigate as long as she is accompanied by one of his men. Stryx and the guard are questioning each other about Fletcher, and the guard starts to become suspicious of her. But he does tell her that Fletcher is often seen rushing out of town through the south gate. As they investigate the house, they realize that Fletcher has been gone longer than a day. As they leave the house, Stryx decides to head south towards Tamworth.

Stryx arrives in the town of Tamworth, and quickly notices that something is not quite right with the town. She approaches a fruit cart vendor who insists on paying her for eating some of his fruit. Stryx tries to get information from him, but he is confused why she is refusing to complete this ‘transaction’. Stryx then approaches a girl selling wild flowers, and it seems that the girl wants to pay Stryx for taking some of her flowers. After a very focused assessment of magical involvement, she follows signs that lead toward an old dilapidated house. She notices tracks coming into and out of the old building. Stryx enters the house, and follows the tracks to a door that has runes on it that read ‘… of Death’. She is struck with necrotic magic when she tries to open the door. She casts Ray of Enfeeblement on it, and the door opens to a staircase below.

Stryx has discovered a small hideout of a cult organization. She alerts two hooded figures patrolling the hallway, and a battle ensues. As the cultists’ corpses are smoldering in the hallway, Stryx heads further down the hall as a third member finds his friends ashes. Stryx immediately creates a ghost sound of an angry mob coming down the stairs, and the hooded man quickly disappears into one of the rooms.

Stryx finds a set of double doors, and bright blue light pouring out from underneath. She breaks in to find a lesser lich overseeing two cultists performing a torture ritual on an old man. Stryx’s utilitarian instincts kick in as she is about to clear the room with thunder magic. But the old man notices her, and the spark of hope in his eyes make Stryx second guess her actions. As the skirmish begins, the ritual is disrupted, allowing the old man to help Stryx defeat his captors. When the lich is reduced to a pile of dust, and the acolytes lie dead, the old man graciously thanks the elf mage for arriving when she did. He introduces himself as Veylon Fletcher. After clearing out the rest of the hideout, they discover some scrolls, and a book on evil deities. When they get back to the town square, everyone seems to be acting normally. Fletcher and Stryx decide to head back to Trundle.

Calling Veylen Fletcher

Stryx enters the tavern just as a fight is about to break out. Bo the barkeep is worried that the two groups will destroy is livelihood. Styx offers to diffuse the situation, and does so by talking some sense into the drunken strangers. Bo offers the blue-haired elf free food and a room in gratitude. During the meal, Stryx asks about Fletcher. Bo explains that Fletcher has been in the tavern quite a bit lately. Feverishly flipping through notes and maps and mumbling to himself, Fletcher hasn’t quite been himself. Bo mentions that he hasn’t seen Fletcher in the last day or so.

After leaving her belongings in the room, Stryx goes to Fletcher’s house. As she approaches, she realizes that no one is there, and the door is left open. She peeks in quickly to see that there has been some trouble here, and perhaps Veylon Fletcher is missing.

Stryx returns to the inn, and runs into Dib the stable boy who she asks to return to Fletcher’s house with a note telling Fletcher to come to the inn. Stryx retires to her room for the night.

A Mage's Call For Help

Dean Sammos Altovair has requested that Strix report to his office. When she arrives, he congratulates her on all her hard work throughout the years, and asks her to help a long time friend of his, Veylen Fletcher, who is in distress. After receiving some items that will aid her, Strix immediately heads out for the village of Trundle to find and assist Veylen.

Night has set in while she is on the trail, and Strix is met by three ruffians who attempt to rob her. She quickly obscures herself and climbs up a tree to avoid trouble, but the strangers locate her and pick a fight they were not ready for. After killing one of the attackers, the other two run away, leaving their friend’s body to rot at the base of the tree.

Strix finally arrives in Trundle in the middle of the night. The guard on watch, who is wearing the symbol of the Knights of Dannemora is cautious of the lone traveler. Strix, having never met a member of the Order tried to bribe the guard which was not appreciative of the offer. He warned her not to cause trouble, and that the Knights will be watching her.

The only place open this time of night in Trundle is the Inn: The Bell in Hand.

The Final Exam

Strix Struma has just completed her studies at the College of Magic. She successfully displayed her command of the arcane arts before her peers by defeating a spectral goblin in the duelist pitch on campus. She returned to her quarters to rest.


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