Over 500 years ago..

The remaining members of the five factions of Calderon were faced with leaving their homeland in hopes of continuing the posterity of their races. After a tumultuous voyage on the high sea, they landed on Dannemora; their new home. The settlers immediately started working together to establish the city of Everport on the southeastern coast of the island. Life was good, for now.

Generations passed

Everport grew at an amazingly rapid pace. The city was not ready for such a phenomenon. Crime and corruption began poisoning the city, and the humans took it upon themselves to keep the peace at any cost. The other races grew weary of their surroundings, took this opportunity to leave Everport to establish cities of their own. The humans alone could not contain the rampant crime in Everport, and they too abandoned the city to start anew.


The five races have all managed to flourish in their own right. Everyone in all cultures is much happier now, but there are still grudges held towards the other races. Interracial contact is very limited apart from some occasional merchant commerce between the capital cities.

But life is not all rosy for Dannemorians. Strange and disturbing things have been happening. The beasts have become bold and restless, coming out of the wild and attacking unwary travelers. There have been many disappearances lately among the smaller, and less protected towns and villages. Entire families are being ripped from their homes. The factions of Dannemora all believe that these are isolated incidences unique to their own region. Little do they know, this is happening all across the continent…

Reclaiming Dannemora